A cataract can occur in either or both eyes, and most people will experience cataracts when they reach an older age. However, people can have an age-related cataract in their 40’s and 50’s, but during these years, most cataracts are small and do not affect vision. It is after age 60 that most cataracts begin to rob your vision.

The most common symptoms of a cataract are:

  • Cloudy or blurry vision
  • Colors seem faded
  • Glare. Headlights, lamps, or sunlight may appear too bright. A halo may appear around lights.
  • Poor night vision
  • Double vision or multiple images in one eye

Through a comprehensive eye exam, your Greenville EyeCare doctor can detect a cataract. If a cataract is detected, your doctor will recommend the best course of treatment. This may include treating an early cataract with new eyeglasses, recommending brighter lighting, use of anti-glare sunglasses, or even magnifying lenses. If surgery is required to remove the cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial lens, your doctor will review this treatment plan so that you are fully informed of the process and expectations.

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